Key Capabilities



CRE Group has always operated with sustainability at the forefront of our construction. We have qualified environmental specialists employed to ensure that all activities consider the environment and protect potential receptors throughout our works.

Key considerations include noise management, dust management, stormwater and sediment treatment, and leachate management. Our environmental management plans at the commencement of each project set out our individual roles and responsibilities, and how we mitigate any risks to nature during the works.

CRE is certified to ISO 14001:2016 – Environmental management systems. Our bi-annual audits ensure that the processes throughout our company, from material procurement to site management, are undertaken in a sustainable and environmentally conscious manner.

& Innovation

CRE Group utilise the latest technology to help minimise risk, increase safety and utilise the technology to produce the most accurate data that helps with the project construction.


CRE Group utilise the latest GPS technology to ensure project efficiency, productivity, site safety, and accuracy during every stage of the project. 

From surveying, mapping, site preparation and engineering design, to precision guidance for grading and excavating, GPS technology helps the team ensure delivery of projects on time and within budget, no matter how challenging or complex.

Plant Telemetics

With a large volume of active machinery, CRE Group utilise telematics systems for remote monitoring of machines to ensure optimum productivity and business value. 

Using GPRS / GSM (mobile network) to send information, the new technology allows CRE to track the location of machinery, fuel consumption, speed and hours of operation and the time for next service. The data on machines is available securely and instantaneously to any remote online connection. Employing fault reporting, activity warnings and remote diagnosis, this technology allows CRE to identify and resolve machine problems quickly and proactively.


The company’s construction projects are now benefiting from an aerial vantage point thanks to drone technology. It is now quicker and easier to get above a site and collect video, photos and data that can benefit a project, with smaller-¬scale projects benefiting from a drone’s eye view. 

Securing detailed measurements and land layout before construction begins can be invaluable. Drone technology innovates our methods of planning projects and allows us to observe any environmental impact from a uniquely advantageous perspective as construction takes place. From a safety perspective drone technology mitigates risks associated with lone working or potential slips or falls, as we cannot undertake survey without putting personnel in hazardous positions around plant, in long grass, or on unstable or soft ground.

Site Management

CRE Group have developed a site software that minimises the requirement for paper-based recording on site. Safety reports, audits and pre-start checks can be undertaken digitally, with the information feeding back to office or remote management immediately to allow instant rectification of issues. 

This software also allows us to provide real-time feedback and current statistics to clients for each individual project at any given stage. We can share documents and project updates and attach photographs to live reports to instantly illustrate issues to stakeholders in a concise manner. CRE Group aims to set the standard for project communication, and the implementation of these systems underlines our commitment to being an industry leader.