CRE Group was founded on hard work, reputation, quality, and experience. A company driven by culture with a passion for civil construction and machinery have since become a major earthworks and material processing contractor in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, and Queensland.

From their humble beginnings CRE Group have organically grown and diversified into several related sectors and deliver civil construction, bulk earthworks, remediation works, landfill construction and crushing & screening services across Australia.

CRE is an acronym that encompasses the company’s deliverables – Civil, Resourcing, Engineering, while also outlining the key tenets of how we operate and deliver – Culture, Respect, Excellence.

The proven success of CRE Group comes from the highly experienced management team that has detailed knowledge within the civil construction space, combined with a highly experienced on-site team of supervisors, machine operators and ticketed skilled labourers that keep safety at the forefront of everything we do.

Our success is down to the personnel we have in the company, and that has allowed CRE Group to grow exponentially year on year. We have permanent office locations in Melbourne and Brisbane and are continuing to expand across Australia and internationally with projects in the Asia-Pacific region.

When setting up CRE Group both Directors Michael and Patrick were determined to create a company where culture was at the heart of the business. Creating a company that people are proud to represent and an environment that empowers people it is the ultimate goal. At CRE Group, culture matters.

CRE Group strive to support, promote, and educate their staff to develop their careers, promoting an open-door policy, ensuring that staff feel encouraged to come forward and make their voices heard. From safety to methodologies to equipment optimisation, our people ensure we are providing the best working conditions and the best service to our customers.