Key Capabilities


CRE Group has a wealth of industry experience across a wide range of construction works. Client satisfaction, safety and commercial success for all parties drives our project teams.


CRE Group has extensive earthworks experience across a variety of industries. Having undertaken major civil engineering and remediation projects involving the excavation and treatment of several million cubic metres of material, CRE Group have the expertise and knowledge to optimise every project based on the specific site requirements.

CRE Group will work with clients to identify innovative and cost-effective solutions. CRE Group adds value to clients’ projects by assessing the topography, proposing safety focussed methodologies and recommending the optimum plant to deliver to the clients’ needs. From overburden strip to bulk excavation, CRE Group is the market leader across the suite of earthwork services. We have experience providing drill and blast services to quarry significant amounts of rock and have profiled finished surfaces to strict tolerances across challenging and varying ground conditions.

Landfill Construction
+ Management

CRE Group have extensive experience in the landfill industry, from the construction of highly engineered cells and leachate ponds right through to capping and remediation projects. 

Additionally, CRE Group has vast experience in the waste management and daily operation of active landfill sites, which is invaluable to modern landfill site operators. Being familiar and confident working with various waste streams in a landfill environment is important as we can manage the additional risks encountered on these sites, while adding value to clients’ operations by recommending and delivering alternative and innovative solutions. Our team of engineers have developed an efficient working at heights system that has allowed for geosynthetic installation on steep surface, maximising airspace for clients in landfill construction.

Crushing +

CRE Group have an array of crushing and screening plant available to provide material processing services to the civil industry across Australia. 

Over the last number of years, we have grown into an industry leader in this sector and continue to grow our crushing plant fleet. Recycled material can provide a valuable resource for use in future phases through value engineering. CRE Group focus on identifying opportunities to maximise the value of recyclable material on site, thereby curtailing requirements for imported material and reducing costs to the client. CRE Group have experience crushing and screening both rock and recycled concrete, producing materials to achieve the requirements of a variety of specifications. Additionally, we have undertaken successful innovative trials, blending recycled crushed glass with rock products to produce a suitable aggregate for site use in pad footings, and we continue to search for opportunities to revitalise the material reprocessing industry.


CRE Group have worked on pipeline projects across Australia servicing all types of major utility providers, including gas, wastewater, stormwater, and potable water services. 

These projects comprised trenching in a variety of ground conditions to varying depth, including the installation and management of temporary works to ensure successful delivery. CRE Group have expertise installing and joining concrete, steel and HDPE pipes. Our pipeline capability complements our earthworks, plant hire and labour hire activities enabling clients to benefit from an integrated approach to all their civil engineering requirements. In conjunction with our pipeline projects, we have installed a wide variety of conduits and utility services, providing a holistic trenching and installation solution for our clients.


Our expertise in land remediation means that we understand our clients want their projects delivered on time, within the agreed budget and in a safe and environmentally sustainable manner. 

We have undertaken a variety of remediation projects, revitalising communities, and revegetating areas to reintroduce a useable environment for neighbourhoods across Victoria. Our remediation projects comprise of a site assessment and methodology development, to ensure we are meeting our clients’ requirements and delivering a sustainable solution. Our experienced team of engineers and operators ensure that the land is remediated in line with the environmental and project requirements, to deliver a safe area back to the landowner or community.